At Channel Islands Law Group, our attorneys bring decades of experience to estate and business planning, as well as other types of challenging matters.

Our clients make the work we do worthwhile and fulfilling. Our primary source of new clients is referrals from existing, satisfied clients. We are humbled when our clients appreciate our service to the point they are comfortable referring their friends and family to us. Here are just a few examples of the wonderful compliments we have received over the years.

I couldn’t have made it through my prolonged and complex divorce without Michael Anatole, Esq.  Not only is he well versed in the law he fights fiercely for what is fair for his client.  I very much appreciate that he answered each and every call or email promptly.  That was very comforting during a stressful process. Thank you, Michael, for your excellent advice and support throughout.


Lynne H., Ventura CA

My husband and I had contacted the Channel Islands Law group to assist us in our estate planning for our blended family. We found that they provided good counsel, guidance and support for our situation, which I am sure other people have found themselves.

 Their guidance, legal expertise and promptness in creating our documents, made our life more secure and gave our children an exact outline as to the implementation of our Trust. Their sense of family and sensitivity was well appreciated by the two of us.

Marion L., Ventura, CA

Being sued, for whatever reason, is a stressful and disorienting experience. Suddenly we find ourselves with the sense of being under attack and alone in a strange environment full of terminology and rules about which we are totally unfamiliar. I know this because I had such an experience first-hand. I was angry and afraid; I wanted to strike back but had no clue as to how to do so.

 Fortunately, I had known Russ for many years and knew that he was one of the most ethical people I had ever met. I also knew that he and Michael had just hung out their “Channel Islands Law Group” shingle. Although I did not know it at the time, our first meeting was primarily to bring me down from my “anger” perch and then move on to the business of getting the wheels of my defense solidly on the tracks. From that point on I was gently but expertly shepherded through the myriad of documents, hearings, interrogatories,…… It still wasn’t easy, I still felt angry but, thanks to Michael and Russ, I was no longer allowing that emotion to cloud my actions and judgment; we were a team, we had a plan, they had my back and I knew that we would prevail, which we did. I hope that I will never find myself in this position again but if I do, I now know what the first step in my defense will be.

Jim B., Camarillo, CA

We became familiar with the Channel Islands Law Group when we had our daughter and realized we had things to put in order “just in case”.  Russ developed living trusts for us to ensure our daughter would be taken care of and our assets would be best protected.


We were so pleased, we utilized them in arranging my father’s affairs and with implementing his wishes once he had passed away.  We were grateful for the firm’s ability to meet our needs and in a very timely manner. With two other siblings involved, there were some additional negotiations that needed to occur regarding my father’s estate and Channel Islands Law Group was very helpful in mediating these issues to resolution. They were all one would hope for in a law firm:  fair, honest, and most importantly, ethical!





Briana C., Ventura CA

It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for the Channel Islands Law Group in Ventura, CA.  I employed the legal services of Michael Anatole on two separate occasions and, in both instances, he represented me in a highly professional, ethical and knowledgeable manner.  Both legal situations were resolved in a timely and most successful manner.  I would use his services again without hesitation and I have referred others to him with confidence. 

Donna G., Ventura, CA

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